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translate your software in a few clicks

Libraria translate your software in a few clicks

Libraria is a localization management platform that allows software development teams to manage all translations for web and mobile applications in one place and go global faster.

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— our clients

— collaboration

Collaborate with your team in one place

Description: Libraria makes collaboration easy, with the ability to invite your team members to the projects, assign translators to specific languages, and track the translation progress. 
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— automatization

Speed up translation workflow

Integration with GitHub and GitLab allows you to synchronize all translation changes made in Libraria.

— ai integration

Manage translations with ChatGPT assistant

The integrated ChatGPT assistant will not only assist you in creating better translations but will also provide valuable suggestions.
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— Figma integration

Update translations from Figma

This integration will help you keep all translations updated if Figma is your project's one source of wordings.

— How to

How to work with Libraria?

How to manage projects

How to manage Terms

How to integrate projects with GitHub

— Reviews

What people say Libraria?

“Libraria made localization super fast: no time wasting for developers and project managers, and zero time for integration.”

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Viacheslav Knysh

Head of Engineering, Axon

“Libraria helped us to optimize the whole localization process conveniently for our clients, as they can track all translations in one place.”

Project Manager photo

Polina Kuchmarenko

Project Manager, Axon

— features

What will you get?

Web-based editor

Manage translations with your team in a user-friendly web application.

GitHub & GitLab integration

Send all translations from Libraria directly to developers.

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Figma Integration

Update your translations directly from Figma files.

Machine translations based on ChatGPT

Translate your apps easily with the ChatGPT assistant.

Directories navigation icon

Directories navigation

Now you have more flexible terms navigation in your project and filter out terms by a certain directory.

Project history icon

Project history

Track all changes within your project due to the detailed history.

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Libraria CLI

Govern terms in Libraria directly from your machine via CLI.

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